How My Family Uses Healthy Traditions Coconut Oil

One of the challenging things about trying to be healthy is all the misinformation, changing information, and an ability to search for what you are wanting to know and the inability to know if the information you find can be trusted. Today I want to talk about my favorite coconut oil by Healthy Traditions and how my family is uses it.

Using Coconut Oil

I can make this a very short post… we use it for EVERYTHING. Before I get into the details of using coconut oil I want to tell you how I got to where I am today. About five years ago there was a huge popular movement going on to use coconut oil for everything from skin, eczema, cooking, etc. Well, I tried to jump on the bandwagon but discovered that my skin did not like the type that I was using. It was not until about 3 months ago I learned why my skin and body did not react well to coconut oil.

A Little Science Lesson on How Coconut Oil is Made

For those of you that enjoy science, here is a quick lesson. There are several types on the market.

  • Refined: This is the most common store bought coconut oil. This type of coconut oil has been refined, bleached, and or deodorized. The original source called copra is not a clean product and therefore must undergo several processes to make it edible. This process removes all the beneficial properties from the coconut oil
  • Fractionated or Liquid or MCT oil: This type is refined and has removed the most important beneficial part of coconut oil, lauric acid (more on this later in the article).
  • Cold Pressed: The coconut is dried and then pressed to form the oil. This is not a bad type of coconut oil, but it is not the best. This is the type that is sold as “extra virgin or virgin coconut oil.”
  • Wet-Milled Fermented: This is the oil we use. This process allows the coconut meat to not dry, but to separate and the oil is extracted. This method, if done correctly produces the most antioxidants.

Ok, science lesson is over. To learn more about these processes visit Healthy Traditions and this is where all of the information in our science lesson came from.

Why Did I Give It Another Try?

My sweet and precious friend Susan at The 365 Family posted an article about Healthy Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil and I figured I should give it another try. I trust Susan and if she liked it, I figured I would too!

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First Impressions

My first impressions with Healthy Traditions was that their Gold Label Coconut Oil was indeed different. Our skin drank it in. In the past when I have used coconut oil on the skin, it just seemed to sit there. Not this coconut oil. My little girl’s KP rash improved. Even today my little boy came home from the mountains with eczema behind his knees. He was itching terribly and after I applied the coconut oil he said “wow, that feels so much better.”

How It Gets Used By My Family

It works amazing as eye makeup and face makeup remover. I rub it on my face and eyes and then heat up a washcloth and hold it over my face for a bit and then wipe it off.

We use it as a lotion after shaving or getting out of the shower

Putting it in my smoothies and coffee smoothies is one of my favorite ways to use this oil. (My smoothie recipe can be found here). This has helped me with my stomach issues. In fact, I was able to come off one medication I was taking for my stomach!!! I have been on a certain medication for my stomach for two years and I have been able to finally come off. (I am not telling you to stop any medication, that can only be done by a medical professional, remember I am not here to treat, diagnose or prescribe).

We also cook with it. Wait a minute… people say you cannot cook with coconut oil because it cannot handle the high heat. Well, the process that is used in making the Gold Label Coconut Oil can be cooked and baked with.

We eat it by the Tablespoon for the health benefits. I was even able to get my husband that HATES coconut to take it by the Tablespoon and he does not notice when I cook with it!

Just to tell you how much I love the Gold Label Coconut Oil, I actually now buy it by the gallon!

There are many health benefits from coconut oil, especially a high quality one. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is known as a microbial agent to fight off a lot of viruses and bacterias. For more information on the benefits of coconut oil or the benefits of lauric acid click those links for information by Dr. Axe.

Why Am I Telling You All of This Today?

Today on Healthy Traditions website, they are offering FREE Shipping! They are always offering coupons and deals, but FREE Shipping is huge for me!

Another product that I LOVE that they make is the Coconut Cream Concentrate. THIS IS SO DELICIOUS!! I add this to my smoothies as well. I cannot tell you how much I love this product. They have so many things on their website. I have heard that there is nothing bad that they sell. There are a few items on my wishlist.

Healthy Traditions is big on making sure their products are safe and free of glyphosate and non-GMO. They offer many products that have been tested and are safe and free of glyphosate.

Comment and let me know if you have ever tried anything from Healthy Traditions and if you use coconut oil for anything. Do not forget to share this and sign up for the newsletter to not miss any post! Also, if you ever have a question or want more information, please contact me directly

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