Preparing Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool With Mother Culture

How do you prepare for your homeschool year? We follow a Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling here at our little home and Mother Culture has become such an important part. I realized as I began homeschooling that I really did not know much about homeschooling. You can read more about how we got started homeschooling here.


I have learned and realized that as a homeschooling mama, I need to grow myself as a mother and teacher. Last year, I did not do this because I was in school and had so much on my plate. This year, I still have just as much on my plate, but I am not still in school. (Side note, I just graduated from finishing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing even though I have been a nurse for ten years. Just something I wanted to do for myself)

So What is Mother Culture?

“There is no sadder sight in life than a mother, who has so used herself up in her children’s childhood, that she has nothing to give them in their youth… Is there not some need for ‘mother culture’? But how is the state of things to be altered? So many mothers say, ‘I simply have no time for myself!’ ‘I never read a book!’ Or else, ‘I don’t think it is right to think of myself!’ They not only starve their minds, but they do it deliberately, and with a sense of self-sacrifice which seems to supply ample justification. Mother must have time to herself. And we must not say ‘I cannot.’ Can any of us say till we have tried, not for one week, but for one whole year, day after day, that we ‘cannot’ get one half-hour out of the twenty-four for ‘Mother Culture?’–one half-hour in which we can read, think, or ‘remember.’ The habit of reading is so easily lost; not so much, perhaps, the power of enjoying books as the actual power of reading at all. It is incredible how, after not being able to use the eyes for a time, the habit of reading fast has to be painfully regained… The wisest woman I ever knew–the best wife, the best mother, the best mistress, the best friend–told me once, when I asked her how, with her weak health and many calls upon her time, she managed to read so much, ‘I always keep three books going–a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel, and I always take up the one I feel fit for!’ That is the secret; always have something ‘going’ to grow by.”

Volume III, no. 2 The Parents’ Review

How Do You Add Mother Culture To Your Busy Life?

I have never been so busy as I am now in my life. I am a wife to my husband, a mother to my seven-year-old boy and four-year-old little girl, I am the caregiver of my eighty-four-year-old grandfather, the housekeeper, and the cook, and I homeschool my oldest. In spite of all of that, God revealed to me that I needed to continue educating and growing who I am as a mother and woman. After finishing my degree, I realized I loved learning and did not want to stop learning. I began to read again, reading nonfiction and actually enjoy it. Starting my days and cleaning my house while listening to a podcast on homeschooling, the Charlotte Mason method, and Bible Studies. I began to realize if I am not growing, how can I expect to provide the best education for my children? How can I have a peaceful home if I am not working on being peaceful myself?

A few of my favorite podcast:

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A few books I am currently reading:

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So how do you do Mother Culture? I hope this inspires you to read and continue growing yourself. It is never too late. Be encouraged, you will never regret growing and investing in yourself, your children and family will thank you later!

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