School is Starting- Make the First Day of School Special

I cannot believe that school is starting back next week. I remember anticipating school starting back with such excitement as a child. So whether your child is getting ready to start back to school or you are getting ready to start your homeschool year, make sure to make the first day of school special.

Ways to Make the First Day Special

  1. Allow the child to pick out their first day of school outfit. This does not have to be a brand new outfit. Allowing the child to get excited and have their special outfit laid out a few days before school can be so exciting for them on their first day.
  2. Getting a new pair of shoes is always fun in anticipation of the new school year. One of our local shoe stores is having a buy one get one half off sale and we just went yesterday for each child to get a new pair of shoes for school.
  3. Make a special meal the night before school.
  4. Have a family game night or family movie night before school starts, just make sure to start early to get them to bed early!
  5. Making a special breakfast for the first day of school is a wonderful way to get your kids up on the first day. The morning of the first day of school make a special breakfast or even go out for a donut before school to make it special.
  6. Read The Kissing Hand if they are going to preschool or school. (My youngest will be going to preschool, so we will be reading this to her).
  7. Create special First Day of School signs and printouts. As homeschoolers, I have printed out special coloring and writing pages for them to use on the first day of school. These two links are free and are what I am using (here and here).
  8. Make them a special school supplies package for the first day. I have bought a few supplies that they do not know about and I am going to have them wrapped and on the homeschool table for when they wake up on the first day of school. What child does not like opening a present?
  9. Take First Day of School pictures even if you homeschool. These are the precious pictures that you will look back upon.
  10. Make your first day what you want it to be! If you are homeschooling take a field trip or go to the library to celebrate the new school year! We are planning on starting our first day at a New Orleans Cafe and introduce them to beignets and creole grits! Then a trip to the library for them to pick out new read-aloud books!
  11. Ask your child if there is something that would make the day special for them. They may have a fear or fun idea that unless you ask, they may not share.

What Are You Planning?

What are you planning on doing to make the first day of school special for your child or children? I would love to hear other wonderful ideas!

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