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I love back to school shopping. This year creating a complete Charlotte Mason homeschool year, we are needing different supplies. I will break down each subject with what school supplies we are using. This year I will have a form 1 (second grader) and a preschooler in the early years. Many of the links below will take you to Amazon and can be delivered within two days and you do not have to leave your house! The following links will be affiliate links that do not cost you anything, but I will make a commission from your purchase. Please let me know what your favorite supplies are for implementing Charlotte Mason into your homeschool.


We are using this wooden alphabet for both my preschooler and my form 1 son. We will use this for teaching letters and building words.

My children are already loving playing with these letters and I will often find them playing with these during the day


These are my favorite notebooks for children that are learning to write or learning to write in cursive.

This one is perfect for copywork
This one is great if you have a child that wants to draw a picture and use the lines below to write


Gridded notebooks are essential when teaching math and for teaching place value. Manipulatives (buttons, plastic gems, beads, and money) are imperative for teaching counting, addition, subtraction, grouping, and more. Here are a few of my top choices for gridded notebooks and manipulatives.

This one is great with the 3/4 inch squares
This one has smaller 1/2 inch squares
These buttons are great for counting and of crafting as well
These are such a hit! My four year old LOVES these!

Natural History

Here are a few fabulous field guides and resources for natural history. Some of these are resources more for the mom/teacher.

This is a wonderful resource for mom to read before nature study
This book is beautiful. It is not a textbook at all, but a wonderful resource that has great illustrations.
This is a bundle by Julia Rothman. I have been eyeing these for so long and cannot wait to use them this year!
This is a beautiful nature notebook and has a cute guide in the front!
Here is another great nature notebook, especially if using watercolors
Here is a great folded field guide
Another great paperback field guide for taking on nature study
Here is a great basic watercolor set when just getting started that is budget-friendly


Geography is a subject that I really had many misconceptions about and just figured it would be similar to reading from a textbook and looking at a map. I am learning it is more about the map and the books just add to it!

These wall maps would be great. You want to hang them at eye level where they can be seen and not having to pull them out for study.
I like this globe because it is up to date and the price is decent. We honestly use a globe that was given to us that is not up to date, but I love showing the children how names and places have changed.
This is a great inflatable globe that is super budget-friendly. We have used this one for over a year with no issues!

Other Supplies and Books

We have other basic school supplies like pencils, erasers, and the usuals. These are the main supplies that we use to implement the Charlotte Mason method. Please comment below and let me know what your favorite supplies are for implementing Charlotte Mason Method into your homeschool.

For more information on our homeschooling journey, Mother Culture in our homeschool, and more read here.

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