Why Start Your Day With Jesus

I have been trying to explain why and come up with an explanation for why it is so important to start your day with Jesus. Tonight it hit me… I start my day with Jesus because I cannot afford to NOT!! Yes, I just did an all caps word and 2 exclamation points.

My Epiphany

Tonight as I was thinking and somewhat rehashing my day that felt albeit crazy, I realized that I did not have my normal time with Jesus. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been working and trying no matter what is going on to spend my first few minutes with the Lord and in my Bible. After thinking and feeling the craziness of the day, the realization came over me. The realization also came to me that this is why I spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning… I cannot afford to not spend that time with Him!

Jesus would pray in the early morning, this tells me if Jesus felt it important to have this time in prayer in the morning, it must be important. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35)

There is No Time

I have said this a million times over the years that I do not have time first thing in the morning to spend time with the Lord and reading His Word. We have busy lives and I understand being busy and having a hectic lifestyle. To be honest, my days are not less hectic, they are not less stressful, and they are not less busy than they have been in the past. Now that I spend this precious time in the mornings with the Lord, it makes my day more manageable.

It makes my reactions better to my children and my loved ones. It helps me not feel the major stress/craziness that I used to feel. I still have those moments, but they are few and far between because my coping is better. When I spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning, I am just better!

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

I Like to Do My Quiet Time Before Bed

I have also said that I would spend time with God and do my devotional time before I go to bed. This is great in theory, but I want to address two things with this habit, at least for me. By the time I am going to bed I am tired and sometimes would get sleepy and not spend as much time as I wanted to because I would want to go to sleep. Or my husband had a show he wanted to watch before bed or he wanted the light off because he was going to sleep. So the excuses were easier at night for me.

The second thing about waiting until bedtime to have that time with the Lord is that the day is done. I found that my nighttime devotions were filled with so many prayers of forgiveness for my reactions and it finally hit me that I needed to begin my day with the Lord, not end it.

Desiring to be the Best Version of Myself

I realized that if I want to give my family the best version of me, I had to commit to spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word first thing in the morning. There is not a better way to start your day unless you add a cup of coffee to that special time with the Lord (which if you know me you know I love my coffee).

On a serious side, tonight I was thinking about my day and was shocked. I was shocked by the impact that making an excuse that I could spend time with the Lord later had on my day.

Be Encouraged

I am not saying that you must spend so much time in God’s Word or pray for X number of minutes a day to be close to God or to have a great day. I am also not saying that I am perfect all day long or that I do not have bad days. In no way shape or form do the bad days skip over me. Instead, my reaction, mood, and outlook change from time with Jesus. Time with Jesus smoothes over those rough edges that I have and helps my responses.


  • If you are currently not spending any time in God’s Word, use the Bible App and just begin reading the verse of the day and praying
  • Write a verse on a notecard and put it by your bed and read it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and pray before you get out of me. (I have to be careful praying before I get out of bed, I have been known to go back to sleep, hence the cup of coffee)
  • If you are having a time with Jesus before bed, just try doing it for a week in the morning and see if you notice a difference
  • Honestly, anytime with Jesus is better than no time with Jesus

Lastly, as I stated earlier, I cannot afford to not spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning. All this requires is my Bible, journal, and a cup of coffee. Over the last few months, I have done my best to have this precious time and it has made a HUGE impact on my life and my family. I pray that this encourages you to spend time with the Lord in the morning!

Comment below how and when you spend time with the Lord. As always, I would love to connect, comment below or email me Lindsay@naturalnursemama.com

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