Morning Time in Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

You do not have to be a homeschooler to implement morning time in your day. Morning time is just a special time in the morning that we all come together and read the Bible, sing a hymn, talk about beautiful art, composers, and so much more.

This year although I had purchased A Gentle Feast Morning Time, I attempted to do my own morning time based on scheduling cards and other ideas I had found using different Charlotte Mason resources. Needless to say, our mornings were not the smoothest and I felt that we were missing some of the feast that is to be spread in a Charlotte Mason homeschool.

A Gentle Feast

Julie Ross is the creator of A Gentle Feast curriculum that is a Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. She has poured her heart and soul into this curriculum. She has created an amazing curriculum that is as open and go as a Charlotte Mason education can be!

Morning Time Using A Gentle Feast

The Morning Time by A Gentle Feast is so nice and easy to use. When we switched to this morning time packets, our mornings became much easier and simpler, but in a good way. Each Morning Time packet has all the forms in one place. It includes Bible Time and the Beauty Loop (Poet Study, Picture Study, Composer Study, Hymn Study, Recitation, Fables/Hero Tales). Each Morning Time packet coincides with a time period of history. I love that the artwork is already printed in the printed edition and it is absolutely beautiful!

To purchase the Morning Time packet please visit this site. (I am an Influencer for A Gentle Feast, which means I may earn a small commission from your purchase).

Try It Free for 2 Weeks

Julie Ross is so generous that she offers a free 2 week download of the curriculum so that you can see if it would benefit your family!

Things We Love in the Morning Packet

I was shocked to find that my 7 year old little boy loved the Picture Study and Recitations that are in the Morning Time packet. Those are his two favorite things in the program.

I would love to hear from you and what you use in your homeschool for morning time. I would also encourage you even if you do not homeschool to have a morning time to get your day started with your family!

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